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what are vip points in 8 ball pool

vip points in 8 ball pool: When it comes to online pool games, 8 Ball Pool takes the throne with its intuitive gameplay, enviable graphics, and the thrill of competition. But perhaps what truly sets it apart is the robust VIP Club program, commonly known for its rewards system involving “VIP Points”. These points are a pathway to unlock exclusive perks and bonuses, transforming your gaming experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

For both new and existing 8 Ball Pool players, understanding the VIP Points system can lead to valuable benefits. This comprehensive guide will delve into all things VIP in 8 Ball Pool concerning earning, utilizing, and maximizing your VIP points.

The VIP Club

Before discussing VIP Points, let’s first introduce the VIP Club. The VIP Club is 8 Ball Pool’s loyalty program offering a variety of perks to its members. These benefits include additional coins, extra spins, exclusive tables access, and much more. The VIP Club is divided into different tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond. Each tier brings more advantages, and your tier is determined by the number of VIP Points you have.

Earning VIP Points

Now that you’re familiar with the VIP Club, you might be asking, “How do I earn VIP Points?” There are a couple of ways to grow your VIP Points in 8 Ball Pool:

In-app Purchases:

The primary method of earning VIP Points is through in-app purchases. For every dollar spent within the game, you receive a specific number of VIP Points. The exact amount may depend on current promotions or special offers.

Regular Gameplay:

You can also earn VIP Points by playing regularly. Winning games, participating in tournaments, and completing unique challenges may all grant you some of these valuable points.

As you collect VIP Points, your VIP tier will rise, unlocking new rewards and adding dimension to your gaming experience.

Utilizing VIP Points

VIP Points are not just for moving up the tiers of the VIP Club. They have several applications within the game to make your 8 Ball Pool gameplay more rewarding:

Extra Coins and Spins:

VIP players can earn extra coins and spins depending on their VIP level. These rewards can be used to buy new cue sticks, enter high-stake games, and enjoy other in-game purchases.

Exclusive Access:

Higher tiers in the VIP Club provide players with access to exclusive tables. These tables often come with greater rewards and benefits, providing you with the chance to increase your in-game wealth.

VIP-only Competition:

Being a part of the higher VIP tiers gives you access to exclusive competitions and tournaments. These arenas are replete with high-level players, offering not just improved rewards but also a higher level of competition to challenge your skills.

Maximizing VIP Points

The key to accruing VIP Points efficiently is to blend regular gameplay with strategic in-app purchases. Keep an eye out for deals that offer extra points and participate in as many games and tournaments as you can. Make sure you log in daily to spin the free daily spin wheel – you never know when you might land on a VIP Points reward!

It’s also essential to manage your VIP Points wisely. Aim for the higher tiers but remember that each new tier brings greater rewards but also higher stakes. Ascend at a pace that matches your skill level and comfort to ensure an enjoyable gaming experience.

The Power of VIP Points

VIP Points in 8 Ball Pool are more than a stepping stone to the next VIP Club tier. They are a testament to your dedication to the game, providing you with advantages that enrich your gaming experience. From extra spins to the opportunity to compete with the best, VIP Points open the door to exclusive elements of the game, making each moment of play a rewarding venture.


The world of 8 Ball Pool is engaging and filled with exciting opportunities, and VIP Points are your ticket to unlocking them. By understanding the significance of these points and how to earn and use them to your advantage, you can enhance your 8 Ball Pool journey. So, gear up, chalk your cue, and get ready to enjoy the distinctive experience that the VIP Club has to offer. Dive deep into this upgraded experience and embrace the special treatment that comes with VIP Points!

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