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Spotting Enemies in PUBG Mobile: A Comprehensive Survival Guide

Greetings, players! Playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile, a world-renowned battle royale game, requires strategy, precision, and anticipation. Spotting enemies before they spot you is crucial to survival in this fast-paced game. Today, we’ll delve into how to spot enemies in PUBG Mobile and secure your champion title.

Enhancing the Art of Detection

Spotting enemies in PUBG Mobile can be challenging, especially when they’re well-hidden or in the distance. However, with the right tips and a keen eye, you can spot them before they have a chance to get the upper hand.

1. Altering Graphics Settings

Often, the default graphic settings can hinder your ability to spot enemies. Lowering your graphics settings can reduce clutter and make player models stand out more clearly against the background. Simultaneously, increasing your Frame Rate Per Second (FPS) can lead to smoother gameplay and faster enemy detection.

2. Keep an Eye on The Map

The map in PUBG Mobile is an essential tool for detecting enemies. Keep your eyes on the minimap to catch red blips that indicate gunfire. Additionally, watch out for orange footprints or vehicle icons, which show when an enemy is near.

3. Use Sound to Your Advantage

Ensure you are playing with a good pair of headphones. Gunshots, vehicle sounds, or footstep noise are all indicators of nearby enemies. Adjust sound settings for the best experience, prioritizing SFX noises.

4. Search for Moving Vehicles

Vehicles that are off the beaten path or moving are typically a sign of enemy activity. By monitoring roads and city outskirts, you can spot enemies before they spot you.

5. Utilize High Grounds

Finding a vantage point can give you a significant advantage in battleground survival. Climbing to a high area allows you to scout enemy activities. But, be careful about becoming an easy target for snipers.

6. Tracking Air Drops

Air Drops attract players like magnets, due to their loot potency. However, be wary while heading to a drop, as it is mutually attracting other enemies too.

7. Spotting Traces

Look for traces such as open doors, looted crates, or broken windows – these can signal the recent presence of enemies.

Weaponry and Equipment to Spot Enemies

Certain equipment can aid significantly in spotting enemies:

  • Scope: A good scope (e.g., 6x or 8x) can help you scan and identify enemy activity from a distance.
  • Ghillie Suit: This camouflaging suit can help you blend into your surroundings, making it easier for you to spot enemies before they spot you.


Mastering the art of enemy detection in PUBG Mobile can drastically increase your chances of survival. Always remember, staying vigilant is key to winning the game. Strategizing and practicing will make your in-game reflexes sharper and potentially form you into a seasoned PUBG Mobile player.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to ace the battleground. Happy gaming, and may the odds be always in your favour!

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