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Is there an auction house in madden mobile 23

auction house in madden mobile 23

Looking to take your Madden Mobile 23 experience to the next level? Having a strong roster of players is key to your triumph on the field. But the card packs don’t always deal you the players you desire, or perhaps you’ve got duplicate cards you’d prefer to trade. This is where the concept of an Auction House in Madden Mobile comes to light. In this blog post, we will answer the burning question: “Is there an Auction House in Madden Mobile 23?”

The Auction House in Madden Mobile: A Brief Background

In Madden Mobile’s earlier iterations, the Auction House was a bustling in-game marketplace where gamers bid, bought, and sold player cards. This feature was immensely popular among players, providing a unique and strategic aspect to team building. It not only allowed players to acquire specific cards they needed for their rosters, but also offered a chance to earn Madden coins by effectively trading surplus cards.

Is There an Auction House in Madden Mobile 23?

The answer is: Yes, there is!

Madden Mobile 23 continues to feature the fan-favorite Auction House, enabling players to participate in the exciting world of Madden-based economics once again. Just like a real-world trading platform, the Auction House allows gamers to buy or bid on cards that other players have put up for sale. Likewise, selling your own cards can earn you much-needed Madden coins.

How to Access the Auction House in Madden Mobile 23?

To access the Auction House in Madden Mobile 23, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Madden Mobile 23: Open Madden Mobile 23 on your device ensuring that you are logged in with the correct account.
  2. Navigate to the Marketplace. On the home screen, select the ‘Marketplace’ option.
  3. Enter the Auction House: Within the Marketplace, you’ll find various options, including ‘Auction House’. Tap on it to enter the dizzying world of Madden cards trading!

Within the Auction House, you can:

  • Sell Player Cards: Set prices and duration for your card sale. Do note that upon selling, Madden will take a small share of the sale as a transaction fee.
  • Buy Player Cards: Use Madden coins to purchase player cards. Remember to verify the ratings and attributes of the player before buying.
  • Participate in Bidding: Engage in some fast-paced bidding wars. If you’re outbid, Madden will return your coins.

Final Words

The Auction House feature in Madden Mobile 23 brings fluidity and variety to building your dream NFL team, giving gamers the power of choice and strategic maneuvering. So whether you’re a newbie starting your Madden journey or a seasoned player looking to bolster your roster, the Auction House is your go-to trading hub.

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