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How to Tame Boar in Valheim – Perfecting Your Survival Skills

Survival in the world of Valheim can be a challenge, especially when you need to hunt for food or fend off aggressive creatures. But what if you could tame a boar and let it help you with this venture? Indeed, taming boars in Valheim gives you an easy way to acquire resources like raw meat and leather. If you’re wondering how to tame boar in Valheim, we have got you covered!

Understanding the Basics of Boar Taming

Boars in Valheim, similar to real-life boars, are naturally defensive yet can be tamed and utilized to the player’s advantage. Knowing how to tame boar in Valheim can lead to a sustainable source of food supply and minimize risk during hunts.

Preparation for Taming a Boar

Before you begin the process of taming, it’s essential to prepare adequately. This involves:

  • Locating a boar: Boars in Valheim are typically found in meadows and the Black Forest.
  • Building a pen: Construct an enclosure using roundpole fence. Make sure it’s sturdy and spacious enough to accommodate the boar.
  • Gathering food: Mushrooms, carrots, and berries are a boar’s favorite. Gather enough to last the taming process.

How to Tame Boar in Valheim: Step-by-Step Process

Follow these steps to successfully tame a boar in the game:

  1. Attracting a boar: Once you’ve located a boar, attract it into the pen using food as bait.
  2. Securing the boar: Close off the pen once the boar has entered.
  3. Feeding the boar: Feed the trapped boar with its preferred food.
  4. Wait patiently: Taming takes time. Resist the urge to go near the pen too often as it can spook the boar!
  5. Successful taming: You’ve successfully tamed a boar when yellow hearts appear above it.

Aftercare: Ensuring Boar’s Health and Productivity

Knowing how to tame boar in Valheim is just the first step. Ensuring their care afterwards is equally important:

  • Regular feeding: Feed them regularly to keep them happy and healthy.
  • Additional taming: Tame more boars for breeding and a constant supply of resources.
  • Safety: Keep the pen safe from other aggressive creatures.

Common Mistakes While Taming Boars & Their Solutions

As you learn how to tame boar in Valheim, it’s normal to encounter some problems. Here’s how you can overcome common challenges:

  • Boar refusing food: If the boar won’t eat, leave the area and return after some time. Make sure to eliminate any threats near the pen.
  • Boar escaping the pen: The fence might be broken or inadequate. Reinforce the fencing and make sure it is a complete enclosure.
  • Boar not breeding: Ensure there are at least two tamed boars in the same pen with sufficient food.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the skill of taming boars in Valheim can significantly improve your survival strategies in the game. It provides a sustainable source of raw meat and leather, ultimately sparing you the dangers of hunting. With patience, preparation, and the proper techniques, the question of how to tame boar in Valheim will soon be an achievement you can proudly check off your Valheim bucket list!

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