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How to Spells in Clash of Clans

Greetings, esteemed Clashers around the world! Today, we venture into the enchanting realm of Clash of Clans, a world marred by fierce battles, alliances, and strategic genius. Our quest? To unravel the mysteries and powers of Spells, a vital aspect of Clash of Clans that can grant you victory or lead you to crushing defeat.

Embark with us on this journey, exploring each spell’s unique gifts, tips on how to utilize them, and strategies for ultimate champion status.


In Clash of Clans, your ultimate aim is to crush villages, outmaneuver powerful adversaries, and make your clan the mightiest of all. But how is this plausible? The secret lies in mastering the many spells at your disposal!

The Spell Factory

Your magical laboratory, the Spell Factory is where you brew every spell. With each level upgrade of the Spell Factory, access to a new set of spells is unlocked. We have:

  1. Elixir Spells: Produced from your regular Spell Factory, these spells are brewed with Elixir.
  2. Dark Spells: To concoct dark spells, you must upgrade to the Dark Spell Factory, with Dark Elixir doing the brewing magic.

The Grand List of Spells and Their Uses

With spells in your arsenal, the previously unattainable becomes possible! Let’s dive into the intricate details and uses of each spell:

Elixir Spells

  1. Lightning Spell: Inflict direct damage to enemy structures or troops.
    • Effective usage: Take out key enemy defenses, especially Air Defenses, in aerial attacks.
  2. Healing Spell: Rejuvenate your troops within its radius and restore their hit points.
    • Effective usage: Heal troops engaged in battles with strong defenses like Wizard Towers or Inferno Towers.
  3. Rage Spell: Boosts movement and attack speed, as well as providing additional damage to your troops.
    • Effective usage: Zone in on crucial parts of a base, primarily near enemy Clan Castle, Town Hall, and strong defenses.
  4. Jump Spell: Enables troops that usually can’t jump over walls to effortlessly traverse over them.
    • Effective usage: Grant access for ground troops (Giants, Golems, Barbarians, etc.) to reach the heart of an enemy base.
  5. Freeze Spell: Temporarily disables defenses and troops within its radius.
    • Effective usage: Freeze high-value targets like Inferno Towers, X-Bows, and Eagle Artilleries during an attack.

Dark Spells

  1. Poison Spell: Applies damage over time to enemy troops within its radius and slows their attack speed.
    • Effective usage: Weaken enemy Clan Castle troops, especially during Golem or Hog Rider-based attacks.
  2. Earthquake Spell: Inflict structural damage to buildings, scaling higher when targeting walls.
    • Effective usage: Break down walls or disrupt tightly-clustered defenses and buildings.
  3. Haste Spell: Provides a temporary increase in troop speed without any damage boost.
    • Effective usage: Speed up slow-moving troops, such as Balloons or Giants, for swifter targeting of enemy defenses.
  4. Skeleton Spell: Summons a group of Skeletons to target any buildings within its radius.
    • Effective usage: Distract enemy defenses or destroy unprotected external buildings for quick percentage points during an attack.
  5. Bat Spell: Unleashes a swarm of bats that target enemy defenses.
    • Effective usage: Employ the bats to eradicate single-target defenses, particularly during aerial attacks.

Winning Strategies with Spells

To conquer the Clash of Clans world with your spells, remember:

  1. Spell Combinations: Use complementary spell combinations – e.g., Rage and Healing spells can significantly boost the power and survivability of your troops.
  2. Adaptability: Change your spell composition based on your army composition, target base layout, and objective.
  3. Patience: Save spells for decisive moments in battle – avoid throwing your spells recklessly, as lost spells equate to lost resources.


The path to Clash of Clans supremacy demands mastery of the arcane arts – spells! Familiarize yourself with the different spells at your disposal, maximize their potential through clever combinations, stay adaptable, and soak in the glory of being the ultimate Clasher!

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