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How to Raid in Pokemon go: Ultimate Guide to Team Battles

Welcome, Pokémon trainers! Since its 2016 launch, Pokémon GO has revolutionized the world of mobile gaming by daring gamers to venture outdoors and conquer Gyms. A key feature more recent than Gyms but just as electrifying are Raids. Today, we’ll break down the process of participating in Pokémon GO raids, from spotting them to reaping the rewards.

What are Raids in Pokémon GO?

Raids are special events that occur at Gyms, where trainers can team up to defeat a Raid Boss — typically a powerful and rare Pokémon. These co-op battles offer unique rewards, including valuable items and chances to catch rare Pokémon. Raids come in different tiers, meaning varying difficulty levels (from level 1 to level 5 and exclusive Mega Raids).

The Raid Rundown: How to Participate in Pokémon GO Raids

Embarking on a raid requires keen observation, smart strategy, and team spirit. Here’s how to join a Pokémon GO Raid:

1. Spotting the Raid

Keep your eyes peeled for a Raid Egg — a large, colored egg with a timer on top — that appears at a Gym. The timer counts down to the time when the egg will hatch, revealing the Raid Boss inside.

2. Prepare for Battle

While waiting for the egg to hatch, gather fellow trainers to establish a raid party. Assemble a strong team of Pokémon to combat the Raid Boss. Remember to consider the Boss’s weaknesses and build your lineup accordingly.

3. Join or Create a Raid Party

Once the egg hatches and the Raid Boss is unveiled, you have 45 minutes to defeat this formidable opponent. Spend a Raid Pass (either daily free, Premium, or Remote Raid Pass) to join the battle, enter a private or public lobby, and then engage with the Raid Boss alongside fellow trainers.

4. Fighting the Raid Boss

During the battle, focus on dodging the Raid Boss’s attacks while utilizing your Pokémon’s abilities to inflict maximum damage. If your Pokémon faints, you can either revive it or swap it for another mid-battle.

5. Reaping the Rewards

If your raid party successfully overcomes your oversized adversary, you’ll reap several rewards:

  • Rare Items: Earn coveted items such as Fast TM, Charged TM, Golden Razz Berries, and Rare Candies.
  • Premier Balls: Receive Premier Balls, which depend on your Gym Badge and team contribution in battle.
  • Catching the Raid Boss: Use the Premier Balls to capture a weakened variant of the Raid Boss.
  • Mega Energy: For Mega Raids, you gain additional Mega Energy that can temporarily evolve specific Pokémon into their Mega forms.

Exclusive Raid Battles: EX Raids and Invitations

EX Raids are special invite-only raids that feature rare, Legendary, or Mythical Pokémon (such as Mewtwo). To receive an EX Raid Pass invite, trainers must have previously participated in raids at eligible EX Raid Gyms.

Community Support: The Role of Discord and Social Media

To enhance your raid experience, consider joining Discord servers or Facebook groups within your local Pokémon GO community. This will help you coordinate raid participation, discuss battle strategies, and form larger teams to overcome difficult Raid Bosses.


Pokémon GO Raids breathe fresh air into the game by challenging trainers’ strategic skills and promoting cooperation with fellow players. With proper preparation, teamwork, and perseverance, you can conquer Raids regardless of their difficulty and reap the rewards of victory.

Stay tuned for more Pokémon GO tips and action-packed battles ahead. Good luck finding those sensational Raid Bosses, and happy catching, trainers!

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