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How to get weights in madden mobile

how to get weights in madden mobile

In Madden Mobile, weights are an increasingly valued commodity, yet the process to acquire them is often misunderstood or completely overlooked by many players. As you work to strengthen your roster, understanding how to obtain weights is a game-changing element that can mean the difference between a so-so team and a powerhouse unit. Let’s dive into this blog post to learn how you can collect weights in Madden Mobile effectively!

Understanding Weights

Weights, in Madden Mobile, are a form of currency used to upgrade players’ attributes, improving their performance on the field. Used properly, they can give your players an edge during crucial matchups, allowing you to secure more victories and climb up the leaderboard.

Tips to Collect Weights

Now that we’ve understood the significance, let’s look into how to get these precious weights:

1. Completing Daily and Weekly Goals

One of the most consistent sources of weights in Madden Mobile is through the completion of daily and weekly goals. These typically involve tasks like winning a certain number of games, picking up a certain amount of yards, or scoring a set number of touchdowns. Meet these targets, and you’ll be rewarded with weights, among other rewards.

To access these goals:

  • Tap on the Objectives & Goals icon on the home screen.
  • Fulfill the requirements stated in the Daily & Weekly Goals.

Completing these tasks on the regular provides a steady supply of weights and helps you progress in the game at a healthier pace.

2. Participating in Leagues

Joining leagues and actively participating in league tournaments is another way to receive weights.

Leagues also provide:

  • League Achievements: These are rewards based on the combined effort of all league members.
  • League vs. League Tournaments (LvL): Compete in these for a chance to win weights.

Not only can you earn weights through participating, but it fosters a sense of camaraderie and competitive spirit as you work with others towards shared goals.

3. Auction House

The Auction House, Madden Mobile’s marketplace, not only allows you to buy and sell players but also offers a place where you can purchase weights using Madden Coins. Keep an eye on the listings, as the availability of weights can vary.

4. Events

Participating in special events and live events is another excellent way to collect weights. These limited-time events often have weight rewards for successful completion. Madden Mobile updates these activities frequently, so stay alert to seize these opportunities.

5. Store Offers and Packs

Finally, the Madden Store will periodically offer packs that include weights. While these often require Madden Cash (the game’s premium currency), they can be a quick way to gather a substantial number of weights. Always weigh (no pun intended) the cost against your need for weights before proceeding.

The Bottom Line

Collecting weights in Madden Mobile is a critical task that pays dividends later down the line. By using these strategies, you can consistently collect weights, upgrading your players, and thereby improving your odds of success in the game’s various modes.

Remember, a strategic plan for weight collection not only bolsters your team’s performance but heightens your enjoyment of the game. So, tighten your grasp on weight collection and see your Madden Mobile journey enriched. Game on, and most importantly, enjoy the process!

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