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how to get shapeshifting stones in summoners war

Hello, Summoners! Welcome back to our exhaustive collection of guides for the Summoners War game – a compelling world filled with tactical, turn-based battles and distinct creatures to summon and evolve. One aspect of the game that adds spice to your experience is the option to customize the appearance of your monsters. Shapeshifting stones in Summoners War make this possible. Today, let’s delve into how you can obtain these precious stones and use them to give your monsters a fabulous makeover.

What are Shapeshifting Stones?

Shapeshifting stones are a unique type of game currency that allows you to alter the appearance of your monsters in Summoners War. They enable you to purchase a variety of skins, giving each creature a unique and stylish look. These skins not only change your monster’s appearance but also its animations.

Gathering Shapeshifting Stones: Step-by-Step Guide

It’s essential to accumulate shapeshifting stones strategically and patiently. Here are the primary methods to nab these coveted stones:

1. Grinding in the Cairos Dungeon

The Cairos Dungeon is the main avenue to earn shapeshifting stones. Run the Giants, Dragons, Necropolis, or Secret Dungeons, ensuring you have a solid farming team to optimize run times.

2. Raiding the Rift of Worlds

When running the Rift of Worlds, players have a chance to receive some shapeshifting stones as rewards, especially after completing higher level raids.

3. Participating in the World Arena

By participating in World Arena battles and earning points, you can use them to purchase the Shapeshifting Stones packages available in the World Arena Shop.

4. The Tartarus Labyrinth

The Tartarus Labyrinth is another battle area that occasionally yields shapeshifting stones upon victory.

Note: The drop rate for the shapeshifting stones is fairly low. Players should expect to grind these dungeons consistently for an extended period before collecting enough to purchase a full costume.

Utilizing the Shapeshifting Stones

Once you’ve amassed 100 shapeshifting stones, you can spend them on a new skin for one of your monsters. To do this:

  • Step 1. Head to the Transmogrify Building, where you’ll find a catalogue of available monster skins.
  • Step 2. Preview the different skins, each costing 100 shapeshifting stones. Now, select the skin you want.
  • Step 3. Unlock the skin, and your chosen monster’s look will be instantly updated.

Remember, the decision of which monsters to give a makeover should align with your playing strategy; typically, players choose to change the look of their most-used or favorite monsters.


While the journey to gaining shapeshifting stones in Summoners War can be quite the grind, resulting in giving your prized monsters a fresh, unique look, makes it undeniably rewarding. It adds an essence of customization and ownership to your gameplay, and undoubtedly, a well-dressed monster squad is a sight to behold.

Keep practicing patience and strategy, because in Summoners War, it’s not just about the battle – it’s equally about style! Stay tuned for more valuable insights into other aspects of Summoners War gameplay. Happy gaming!

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