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How to Get Justin Jefferson in Madden 23 Mobile

How to Get Justin Jefferson in Madden 23 Mobile

If you’re a Madden 23 Mobile enthusiast and looking to strengthen your team lineup with some fantastic players, Justin Jefferson is certainly a name that cannot be overlooked. Not only is he an excellent player with superb skills, but having such top-rated players in your team can significantly boost your game. However, obtaining such high-profile players is not always straightforward. So let’s take a detailed look at how you can acquire Justin Jefferson in Madden 23 Mobile.

Step 1: Earn Some Coins

Acquiring a player of Justin Jefferson’s caliber is an exciting prospect, but be prepared to invest a hefty amount of coins. How do you get your hands on these coins? Here are a few strategies:

  • Game Play and Milestones: One of the simplest ways to earn coins is by playing the game consistently. Participate in different game modes, achieve specific milestones, and the rewards will start accumulating.
  • Live Events: Live events can be another lucrative source of coins. These events offer specific challenges and tasks, which when completed, provide you with rewards, including coins.
  • Auction House: Unwanted player cards lying around in your inventory? Sell them off in the Auction House! This is a good way to declutter your card collection and earn some coins in the process.

Step 2: Keep an Eye on The Auction House Every Day

The Auction House is your one-stop-shop for purchasing player cards. Madden 23 Mobile periodically features a variety of player cards in its Auction House, one of which might be Justin Jefferson.

However, since this star player is in high demand, finding him can be rare and may require diligent daily checking. Remember to keep your coins handy as the bidding war may escalate quickly, and having a consistent bank of coins will give you an edge.

Step 3: Invest in Packs Wisely

Madden 23 Mobile offers players a chance to acquire packs that contain a random assortment of player cards, collectibles, and items. Seems like a gamble? It surely is!

Acquiring a player like Justin Jefferson from packs depends on your luck. But keep in mind that higher-end packs tend to offer a better chance for high-rated players. However, given their high cost, plan your packs purchases wisely to ration your coins.

Step 4: Go for Set Completions

Another way Madden 23 Mobile provides an opportunity to get high-profile players like Justin Jefferson is through set completions. A ‘set’ in Madden 23 Mobile refers to a specific collection of player cards or items.

By collecting and completing these sets, players earn various rewards, which sometimes may include high-rated player cards. If there’s a set that rewards Justin Jefferson upon completion, strive to complete that set to add him to your lineup.

Step 5: Participate Actively in Special Events

Madden 23 Mobile is well-known for organizing different special events, seasonal programs, and challenges that offer incredible rewards, including exclusive player cards.

Participate in such events and perform well to increase your chances of bagging Justin Jefferson’s player card. These events sometimes also allow you to earn coins, items and collectibles that can be beneficial in acquiring high-rated players.


The journey to acquire a high-profile player like Justin Jefferson in Madden 23 Mobile can be a thrilling yet challenging endeavor. But, with patience, strategic gameplay, and a grasp of the methods mentioned above, obtaining this top-tier player becomes a very achievable goal.

Keep in mind that knowing when and where to invest your precious coins wisely is key. Whether it’s the Auction House war or the uncertainty of what the packs may uncover, each step you take in this journey is equally exciting and vital to building your dream team.

Lastly, remember the essence of the game. It’s not just about piling up high-rated players—Madden is about strategy, skill, and perseverance! If Justin Jefferson still seems elusive, fear not! The wide array of talented players in Madden 23 Mobile can still help you bring the victory home. Enjoy your football journey, and may the best team win!

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