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how to change your stick in 8 ball pool in imessage

With the advent of iMessage Games, Apple device users can now enjoy playing 8 Ball Pool right within their text message. The best part is playing this game with friends – right in the middle of your chat! You do not just send a text, you send them a challenging game of pool.

However, in the heat of the game, you may want to upgrade your cue stick to improve your performance. Maybe you’ve been eyeing that premium cue, or you’re just tired of your old stick? Unfortunately, changing a stick in iMessage version of 8 Ball Pool isn’t as straightforward as one would hope. Worry not, this step-by-step guide will help you modify your stick and add more fun to your gaming experience.

Understanding the iMessage’s 8 Ball Pool Version

Before delving into how you can change your stick in 8 ball pool for iMessage, it’s important to understand that this version is a streamlined subset of the full game. It’s designed to be a quick and easy-to-play game integration within your text messages. Therefore, iMessage’s 8 Ball Pool version has fewer customization options, and it regrettably doesn’t natively support the feature to change pool sticks.

However, all is not lost. By using your main Miniclip account, you can make these changes. Here’s how:

Step 1: Get the Full Version of the Game

To change your stick, you need to download the standalone version of 8 Ball Pool from the App Store. This version has more features and customizable options than the iMessage version, including the ability to switch your stick.

Step 2: Open and Link Your Account

Once you have downloaded the full version, open the game, and log in. You can continue as a guest, sign in with your Facebook account, or use a unique Miniclip ID. If you already have 8 Ball Pool progress associated with one of these accounts, use the same one to log in.

Step 3: Purchase a New Stick

Access the “Shop” and select the “Cues” option to browse through a wide range of sticks. Each stick has different attributes – power, aim, spin, and time, so choose one that suits your playstyle. Keep in mind you will need Pool Coins to purchase a new stick, which you can earn by winning games or through in-app purchases.

Step 4: Equip the New Stick

After purchasing, the new stick will appear in your inventory. Tap on it and select ‘Equip’ to make it your default stick. The change should take immediate effect, and the next time you play a game, you’ll do so with your new stick.

Step 5: Sync with iMessage

Now, you might wonder, “How does this affect my iMessage game?” Once you’ve changed your stick in the standalone 8 Ball Pool app, your iMessage 8 Ball Pool version will sync with these changes. The next time you initiate an iMessage game of 8 Ball Pool with your friends, your new stick will be visible, improving your performance and making the game more enjoyable.


Changing your cue stick in the iMessage version of 8 Ball Pool may initially seem an impossible task. However, with a savvy workaround using the standalone version, you can equip yourself with a new stick to level up your gaming skills and enjoy the classic pool game better. Follow these steps, improve your gaming prowess and show off your style with your new custom cue stick. Let the games begin!

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