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how to change flag in 8 ball pool

8 Ball Pool is a globally popular online game that brings together players from all corners of the world. One unique aspect of this game is the display of flags representing each player’s country, fostering a sense of community and friendly competition. However, you might find yourself wanting to change your flag, either to better represent yourself or simply for aesthetic purposes.

Fret not, as we have prepared a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you change your flag in 8 Ball Pool. Discover various ways to achieve this alteration, from using a different account to utilizing a VPN, and watch as your online gaming experience gains a fresh and exciting dimension.

1. Understanding Flags in 8 Ball Pool

Flags in 8 Ball Pool are an essential part of the game’s interface, often serving as an ice-breaker among players from different countries. These flags appear next to your alias or username during matches and on leaderboards, signifying the country you represent. However, changing your flag may not be as easy as it seems, as the game automatically assigns it based on your IP address.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through a range of options for altering your flag, allowing you to enjoy a more personalized gaming experience.

2. Create a New Account

If you’re new to the game and don’t have much progress to lose, starting over with a new account might be the easiest way to change your flag. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log out of your existing 8 Ball Pool account.
  2. Create a new email address representing the country you want to play from.
  3. Sign up for a new 8 Ball Pool account with the new email.
  4. Play the game with your new account to represent the desired country.

Keep in mind that this method means sacrificing your progress and achievements with your original account.

3. Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help change your flag by disguising your location and allowing you to play the game under a different IP address. This method keeps your existing account intact while enabling flag alteration. Here’s how:

  1. Research, download, and install a reliable VPN service on your device. Many VPNs offer both free and subscription-based options, so choose one that best fits your needs.
  2. Launch the VPN and connect to a server from the desired country.
  3. Start the game and check if the flag has changed. If not, proceed to the next section.

4. Clear Cache and Cookies

Sometimes, clearing your cache and cookies can make your VPN connection more effective in changing your flag. Here’s how to do this on different devices:

On Desktop:

  1. Open your browser’s settings menu.
  2. Locate the options to clear browsing data, cache, and cookies.
  3. Clear the data and restart your browser before relaunching the game.

On Mobile Devices:

  1. Navigate to your device’s settings menu.
  2. Find the list of installed applications and choose 8 Ball Pool.
  3. Clear the app’s cache and data before starting the game.

5. Linking a Miniclip Account or Social Media Account

8 Ball Pool is a game developed by Miniclip, and linking your Miniclip account to the game may help change your flag:

  1. Log in to your Miniclip account and ensure the correct flag is shown on your profile.
  2. Link your 8 Ball Pool account to your Miniclip account by following in-game instructions.

Alternatively, you can use your social media account:

  1. Link your 8 Ball Pool account to a social media account from the desired country.
  2. Confirm that the flag displayed on your 8 Ball Pool account has changed. If necessary, clear your cache and cookies, as mentioned above, for this method to work.

Remember, 8 Ball Pool allows you to link only one Miniclip, Facebook, and/or Google account, so unlinking your current account might result in losing game progress.

6. Contacting Customer Support

If all the methods above have failed or seem too daunting, don’t hesitate to contact 8 Ball Pool’s customer support for assistance:

  1. Visit the Miniclip Support page and submit a support request.
  2. Provide your account details and explain your reason for requesting a flag change.
  3. Wait for a response and follow the instructions given by the support team.


With numerous ways to change your flag in 8 Ball Pool, you can cultivate a more personalised and engaging gaming experience. Whether you opt for a new account, use a VPN, clear your cache, or link with a Miniclip or social media account, be patient and follow the steps closely. By doing so, you’ll soon find yourself proudly playing under your desired flag and showing it off for all your fellow gamers to see.

Happy gaming, and good luck representing your new chosen country in 8 Ball Pool!

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