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how to break piggy bank in 8 ball pool

The Piggy Bank in 8 Ball Pool adds a mysterious and intriguing layer to the game, making players eager to unravel its secrets. As a valuable resource, unlocking the Piggy Bank yields numerous in-game rewards that can enhance your gameplay experience.

1. Understanding the Piggy Bank

In 8 Ball Pool, the Piggy Bank is a unique feature that allows players to accumulate “Rings” by winning matches, purchasing items, and completing challenges. These Rings fill the Piggy Bank, leading to enticing rewards when it’s finally broken open.

The Benefits of Breaking the Piggy Bank

Breaking the Piggy Bank offers players valuable rewards, such as Pool Cash, Power-ups, and Cue Upgrades. These benefits are essential for enhancing gameplay and helping players progress through the various levels.

Accumulating Rings

Players can earn Rings through various activities:

  • Winning matches
  • Participating in tournaments
  • Completing daily challenges
  • Completing in-game events

Filling Up the Piggy Bank

As players earn Rings, they fill up the Piggy Bank. The Piggy Bank has a cap, but players can continue accumulating Rings beyond this cap for their next Piggy Bank.

Breaking the Piggy Bank

Follow these steps to break the Piggy Bank:

  • Play matches and earn Rings to fill up the Piggy Bank. Press the “Piggy Bank” icon. The Piggy Bank will show how many Rings you have accumulated so far. Tap on the “Break” button and confirm your choice.
  • Once the Piggy Bank is full, a “Break” button will appear. Tap on the “Break” button and confirm your choice. Once the Piggy Bank is full, a “Break” button will appear.
  • Click the “Break” button to unlock the Piggy Bank and claim the rewards.

Breaking open the Piggy Bank is an exciting moment, revealing the much-anticipated rewards. Utilize these rewards strategically to elevate your gameplay experience.

Premium Piggy Bank

The Premium Piggy Bank is an additional feature available through in-app purchases. This upgraded version offers even more rewards and can be unlocked in the same way as the regular Piggy Bank.

Tips and Strategies

Optimize your Piggy Bank experience with the following tips:

  • Prioritize playing matches to earn Rings.
  • Keep track of your progress toward filling the Piggy Bank.
  • Plan when to break the Piggy Bank for maximum rewards.

Engaging with Events

Special events and promotions occasionally boost Ring earnings for a limited time. Participate in these events to accelerate your progress and fill your Piggy Bank even faster.


Breaking the Piggy Bank in 8 Ball Pool offers numerous benefits and enhances your overall gameplay. Make the most of this feature by improving your cues, collecting rewards, and enjoying the thrilling journey. Don’t forget to have fun and engage with the game’s various elements for the best possible experience.

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