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how to add friends on 8 ball pool

how to add friends on 8 ball pool: 8 Ball Pool is a widely-popular multiplayer online game that provides endless hours of competitive fun. The ability to add friends to the game not only brings a more social aspect but also enhances the gaming experience by introducing friendly competition, practice partners, and shared achievements. This detailed guide will help you understand how to add friends to your 8 Ball Pool roster and make the most of your time playing this engaging game.

1. Understanding the Importance of Adding Friends

Adding friends to your 8 Ball Pool account brings several benefits:

  • Friendly competition for bragging rights and leaderboard positions
  • Practicing together to improve skills and learn new tactics
  • Sharing achievements and milestones for collective celebration

Including friends in your gaming experience makes 8 Ball Pool more enjoyable and social, providing plenty of opportunities for bonding over a shared passion for the game.

2. Creating and Setting Up Your Account

Before you can add friends, you’ll need to create an 8 Ball Pool account or log in through Facebook. During the initial setup, you’ll choose a profile picture and username that will help your friends recognize you in the game.

3. Navigating the User Interface

The 8 Ball Pool user interface consists of various sections, including the main menu where you can access the options for managing friends. Also, note your unique player ID as you’ll need this to send and receive friend requests.

4. Sending Friend Requests

To send a friend request, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Friends” icon in the main menu.
  2. Choose the “Add Friends” option.
  3. Enter your friend’s unique player ID or search for them by their username.
  4. Click the “Send Request” button.

Double-check your friend’s player ID or username to ensure you’re sending the request to the correct person.

5. Accepting Friend Requests

When you receive a friend request, follow these steps to accept or decline it:

  1. Click on the “Friends” icon in the main menu.
  2. Go to the “Requests” tab.
  3. Review incoming friend requests and accept or decline as desired.

Only accept requests from players you know or trust to maintain a positive in-game environment.

6. Managing Your Friends List

Once you’ve added friends, manage your list by following these steps:

  1. Click on the “Friends” icon in the main menu.
  2. Navigate to the “Friends” tab to see your current friends.
  3. From here, players can unfriend, block, or invite friends to play.

Keep your friends list organized and up-to-date by removing inactive players or those you no longer wish to be connected with.

7. Interacting with Friends

Interact with your friends in 8 Ball Pool through various methods:

  • Sending messages and emojis
  • Challenging friends to friendly matches
  • Participating in tournaments together

These social features deepen your connection with fellow players and provide a fun, enjoyable gaming experience for all.

8. Etiquette and Respect

Maintaining respectful behavior and good etiquette while playing 8 Ball Pool with friends is essential. Be considerate when challenging friends to matches, respecting their time and preferences.


Adding friends to 8 Ball Pool is a simple process that greatly enhances your gaming experience. Explore the social aspect of the game, make new friends, and enjoy the friendly competitive spirit. By following this guide, you’ll create meaningful connections with fellow players and get the most out of your 8 Ball Pool experience.

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