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16 Clash Royale Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Are you just starting your journey in the fast-paced, strategic, and versatile world of Clash Royale? No need to stress! This handy beginner’s guide will get you prepared in no time, presenting fourteen easy-to-follow but vital tips and tricks just for you. Let’s dive right in!

1. Don’t Let Elixir Fill Completely

Avoid allowing your Elixir counter to hit its maximum limit of 10. Once it’s full, you’ll stop generating Elixir. Always try to use Elixir before it maxes out, ensuring a continuous flow.

2. Master Your Card Deck

Try different combinations and keep changing your card deck until you find one that fits your play style.

3. Don’t Activate the King Tower Prematurely

The King Tower is the middle tower on your opponent’s side. Upon being attacked, it starts attacking your units. Avoid activating it too soon, as doing so makes destroying other towers more challenging.

4. Balance Elixir Costs

When constructing your deck, remember to balance your Elixir costs. Having too many high-cost cards may leave you vulnerable at crucial moments.

5. Building Placement Strategy

Towers and defensive buildings can be crucial for protecting your main towers. Position these structures carefully to maximize their efficiency.

6. Carefully Deploy Troops

Consider the placement and timing of your troops to maximize their effectiveness. Build up an attack behind your King; position slow-moving, high Elixir tanks followed by backup units for a solid wave of attack.

7. Learn Effective Elixir Trades

Elixir trading means maximizing the utility of your units while spending as little Elixir as possible. For example, counter a 5-7 Elixir push using only 1-3 Elixir, giving you an advantage.

8. Remember, It’s About Destroying Towers

While taking down enemy troops can be satisfying, remember, the core objective is to destroy your opponent’s towers.

9. Watch Replays

Reviewing your previous matches can provide valuable insights into your own gameplay and strategies.

10. Defend on Your Side of the Arena

Always seek to defend your side of the arena where your towers are located. Make use of your towers’ damage when defending against a push, and wait until enemy units enter their range before retaliating.

11. Balance Attack and Defense

Avoid overcommitting to either attacking or defending. Appropriately defend yourself and use the least amount of Elixir possible while maintaining the pressure with your offense.

12. Don’t Ignore Your Training Camp

Refresher yourself on game mechanics and strategies by revisiting your Training Camp.

13. Save Your Gems

Rather than splurging them on random chests, save your gems for something more valuable, such as legendary chests or gold.

14. Utilize Spells Effectively

Use spells effectively to gain match-winning advantages. Familiarize yourself with each spell’s mechanics and use them strategically to counter enemy pushes or bolster your offense.

15. Distract Enemy Troops

Use troop targeting behavior to your advantage by placing units near the middle to lure enemy troops away from their target. This allows your towers to inflict more damage while your units remain relatively unscathed.

16. Pay Attention to the Clock

Matches last three minutes, and during the final minute, Elixir regenerates at double the normal rate. Time your attacks with the increased regeneration and consider using projectile spells to finish off weak towers in the last few seconds.

In conclusion, starting Clash Royale might seem daunting, but with these 16 beginner tips, you’ll get the hang of it quickly. So keep practicing and royally clash your way to the top!

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