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The 10 Best Cues in 8 Ball Pool: Enhancing Your Pool Game Experience

8 Ball Pool, one of the most popular online pool games, offers a variety of cues for players to choose from. Each cue comes with unique stats and characteristics, providing different game advantages. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top 10 cues in 8 Ball Pool that can enhance your gaming experience, offering you powerful tools to carve out victories.

1. Archon Cue

At the top of our list is the Archon Cue, known for its outstanding stats in the force, aim, and spin departments. With its impressive balance of features, Archon Cue enables players to make powerful shots with exceptional accuracy and control.

How to get Archon Cue?

The Archon Cue can be obtained through Legendary boxes by spending Pool Cash or by winning pieces of this cue through various game events.

2. Archangel Cue

Regarded as one of the best cues in 8 Ball Pool, the Archangel Cue offers superior aim, spin, and time features, providing you with increased control over the cue ball and expanding your shot options on the table.

How to get Archangel Cue?

The Archangel Cue can be gained through Epic boxes by spending Pool Cash, or successfully winning its pieces in specific game events.

3. Galaxy Cue

The Galaxy Cue, renowned for its exceptional force and spin capabilities, allows players to control the table easily. Available via victory boxes from matches in Berlin Platz, the highest tiered game room, it promises a significant competitive edge.

How to get Galaxy Cue?

The Galaxy Cue can be won in Berlin Platz (the highest game room in 8 Ball Pool). Victory boxes from Berlin Platz victories can contain Galaxy Cue pieces.

4. Valkyrie Cue

Next on our list is the Valkyrie Cue, noted for its balance of force, spin, and aim. This cue is a solid choice for players looking for a versatile tool that helps them in varied game situations.

How to get Valkyrie Cue?

The Valkyrie Cue can be purchased from the in-game cue shop using Pool Cash or may become available as part of a special offer or promotional bundle.

5. Firestorm Cue

The Firestorm Cue possesses impressive stats across all areas, making it an excellent choice for players aiming for a balanced and effective game strategy. Additionally, its visual design is widely admired by many players.

How to get Firestorm Cue?

The Firestorm Cue can be obtained through Legendary boxes, spending Pool Cash or winning cue pieces in various game events.

6. Atlantis Cue

The Atlantis Cue, available to high-ranking players, boasts high force, aim, and time stats. This extremely powerful cue allows for excellent shot performance, offering players a strategic advantage.

How to get Atlantis Cue?

The Atlantis Cue can be acquired through high ranking in tournaments or by purchasing through the in-game shop with currency earned during gameplay.

7. Shangri La Cue

The Shangri La Cue is a standout with high stats across the board. Players love it for accuracy and the extended guideline, which gives an edge in setting up shots and predicting ball paths.

How to get Shangri La Cue?

The Shangri La Cue can be owned by spending Pool Cash to open Legendary boxes, or through collecting cue pieces during special game events.

8. Medusa Cue

The Medusa Cue is known for its high stats in force, aim, spin, and time. Its unique design and attributes allow for a fine-tuned gaming experience, helping players to make precise, powerful shots.

How to get Medusa Cue?

The Medusa Cue can be won through Epic boxes by Pool Cash expenditure, or by winning pieces of this cue in particular game events.

9. Black Hole Cue

The Black Hole Cue offers superior stats in force, aim, and spin, making it another powerful choice within the game. Its distinctive design adds a dash of style to your gaming prowess.

How to get Black Hole Cue?

The Black Hole Cue can be won in the Elite Championship or by opening Victory boxes earned through gameplay.

10. Crystal Blade Cue

Last but not least, the Crystal Blade Cue. With its high aim, spin, force, and time stats, this cue allows players to dominate the table with strong and precise shots, thus shaping the game based on their strategies.

How to get Crystal Blade Cue?

The Crystal Blade Cue can be won by succeeding in special tournament or event rewards.


Selecting the ideal cue is critical to improving your 8 Ball Pool gaming experience, and ultimately, your win rate. Each cue offers unique advantages, and the best one for you depends on your playing style, strategies, and your current level in the game.

Try out different cues, keep an eye on those that perfectly fit your gaming style, and observe how they affect your game. Remember, even with the most superior cue in your hand, practice and strategy are the key drivers towards your 8 Ball Pool success.

Armed with this knowledge, you can now dive back into the world of 8 Ball Pool with a better understanding of the top cues available and how to leverage them for a better, more rewarding game experience. Happy gaming!

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