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Best Army in Clash of Clans: Dominating the Battlefield

Welcome, fellow Clashers! We’ve put together the ultimate guide for creating the best army compositions in the addictive world of Clash of Clans. Whatever your Town Hall level, we’ll help you devise the ideal army to crush your opponents and secure victory.

Understanding the Weight of Army Composition

The key to success in Clash of Clans is developing a sound strategy that hinges on an optimal balance of units, considering both function and count. Striking a firm equilibrium between damage dealers (Archers, Wizards), damage sponges (Giants, Golems), and utility units (Wall Breakers, Healers) is crucial to forging the perfect army.

Types of Units in Clash of Clans Army

In Clash of Clans, various unit types, also known as troops, can be trained and combined to create powerful armies for attack and defense. Each troop has unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Here, we provide an overview of the major unit types categorized by their respective training facilities.

1. Barracks Units

a. Barbarians

Barbarians are sturdy melee troops with relatively high hit-points and moderate damage capabilities. They’re ideal as front-line fighters and can protect the more vulnerable, ranged units.

b. Archers

Archers are ranged troops with moderate damage abilities and lower health points. They are essential for targeting enemy defenses from a safe distance and can attack over walls.

c. Goblins

Goblins have one primary mission: loot resources. These speedy units prioritize attacking resource structures, such as Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors, making them perfect for farming raids.

d. Giants

Giants are tank units with high hit-points but low damage output. Their ability to absorb substantial damage makes them perfect for shielding your other troops.

e. Wall Breakers

Wall Breakers are kamikaze-style troops that target enemy walls. They carry bombs that deal massive damage to enemy walls, thereby creating openings for other troops to enter the opponent’s base.

f. Balloons

The first air troop in the game, Balloons, targets enemy defenses with high damage output. However, they are relatively slow and can be vulnerable to Air Defense towers and Archer Towers.

g. Wizards

Wizards are powerful ranged units with high damage capabilities. Their main task is to clear enemy structures quickly, but they have low health points, so protecting them from harm is crucial.

h. Healers

Healers are flying units that restore the health of friendly troops. They are helpful when combined with tank units, keeping the tanks alive for extended periods.

i. Dragons

High hit points and significant damage output make Dragons one of the potent air troops. However, they have substantial housing space requirements, which can limit the number of troops you can deploy.

j. P.E.K.K.A

The non-air pinnacle of the Barracks, P.E.K.K.A. boasts high hit points and tremendous damage output. Their role is to dish out heavy damage while being able to sustain enemy attacks.

2. Dark Barracks Units

a. Minions

Minions are fast-moving air troops that attack from a short distance, targeting both ground and air units. They deal moderate damage and are useful when combined with tankier air troops.

b. Hog Riders

Hog Riders are melee troops that ignore walls, leaping over them to target enemy defenses. Their swift movement and ability to bypass walls make them valuable additions to various attack strategies.

c. Valkyries

Valkyries are melee troops with powerful area damage capabilities. Thanks to their spinning attack, they can damage multiple enemy structures and troops at once.

d. Golems

Golems are extremely tanky ground units, ideal for soaking up massive damage. When destroyed, they split into two smaller golemites, continuing to engage and distract enemy defenses.

e. Witches

Witches are unique for their ability to summon an undead army of Skeletons. They can continuously generate Skeletons throughout the battle, distracting enemy defenses and supporting other troops.

f. Lava Hounds

These tanky air units primarily target air defenses, shielding the more vulnerable air troops while taking damage themselves. When destroyed, Lava Hounds spawn Lava Pups that continue attacking enemy structures.

g. Bowlers

Bowlers are ground units that hurl heavy boulders at their enemies. These boulders can bounce off their initial target and strike again, allowing for strategic two-for-one destruction.

3. Siege Machines

a. Wall Wrecker

The Wall Wrecker, capable of demolishing walls and enemy buildings, paves a path for your ground troops. It can transport Clan Castle troops, releasing them when destroyed or when it reaches the enemy’s Town Hall.

b. Battle Blimp

The Battle Blimp is an air Siege Machine that targets the enemy’s Town Hall. Similar to the Wall Wrecker, it delivers Clan Castle troops, releasing them either when destroyed or upon reaching the enemy’s Town Hall.

Each troop excels at specific tasks and plays a crucial role in your attacks. By combining a diverse range of unit types and adapting your army composition depending on the target base, you can create well-rounded strategies that clinch victories in Clash of Clans.

Best Army Compositions by Town Hall Level

Town Hall 9: GoVaHo Strategy

Unleash the power of Golems, Valkyries, and Hog Riders! This mighty combination can breach the enemy’s defenses with ease. Utilize Golems to absorb damage, while Valkyries and Hog Riders deal devastating blows to enemy structures.

Town Hall 10: GoWiPe Assault

Strengthen your warfront with a combination of Golems, Wizards, and P.E.K.K.A. This GoWiPe strategy is ideal for Town Hall 10, with Golems taking the beating while Wizards and P.E.K.K.A wreak havoc on the enemy base.

Town Hall 11: The BoLaLoon Invasion

The BoLaLoon technique harnesses the power of Bowlers, Lava Hounds, and Balloons. The Bowlers launch long-ranged attacks while Lava Hounds and Balloons overwhelm the air defenses.

Town Hall 12: The Grand ElectroDrag

At Town Hall 12, the ElectroDrag technique is formidable. Boasting high damage outputs and a chain lightning attack, the Electro Dragon leads the charge, with supporting troops taking down the remaining enemy defenses.

Balancing army units for effective attack

Having an army that can contend with a diverse array of base setups and defense systems will ensure you are prepared for anything your opponent throws at you. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve this balance in your army composition.

1. Damage Sponge Units

Units like Golems, Giants, and P.E.K.K.As are excellent ‘tanks’—high health troops that absorb a lot of damage to protect your other, more vulnerable units. They draw fire from defensive structures and create a buffer for the rest of your troops.

  • How to Use: Deploy these units first to distract enemy defenses, then follow up with damage dealing troops.
  • Ideal Ratio: Having around 20-30% of your army composed of damage sponge units is generally a good rule of thumb.

2. Damage Dealers

Troops like Archers, Wizards, and Dragons deal the bulk of your attack’s damage. They can quickly destroy enemy buildings and defenses once the tank units have drawn the fire.

  • How to Use: Deploy these units directly behind your tanks, so the damage dealers can safely take down structures without being targeted.
  • Ideal Ratio: About 50-60% of your army should typically be composed of these high-damage output units.

3. Utility or Support Troops

Healers, Wall Breakers, and Jump Spell (a spell that allows ground troops to bypass walls) provide utility value for your army, helping to keep your other troops alive, breach tough defenses, and maneuver around the enemy base more effectively.

  • How to Use: Usage of these units often depends on the specifics of the raid, the enemy base layout, and your overall attack strategy.
  • Ideal Ratio: Make up the remaining 10-20% of your army with these units.

4. Clean-up Troops

Having a few leftover troops like Goblins and Minions can be beneficial to clean up remaining buildings and gather resources once the defensive structures are taken out.

  • How to Use: Deploy these units towards the end of the battle to speed up the clean-up process and ensure victory.
  • Ideal Ratio: 5-10% of your army can be reserved as clean-up troops though this greatly depends on individual preferences and strategy.

While having these guidelines should help in forming an effective army composition, it’s important to understand that the perfect composition does not exist—it heavily relies on the enemy base layout and level, your preferred attack style, and the level of your troops. As you continue to progress and learn more about each troop’s capabilities, you’ll get better at creating army compositions that suit your strategy and excel in battles.

Continuous Adaptation for Unstoppable Victories

Never rest on your laurels; the world of Clash of Clans is ever-evolving! Keep a close eye on updates and study the most effective strategies to maintain dominance. Explore new troops, spells, and tactics as you progress through the levels, and adapt these suggestions to your unique style.

Stay ahead of the game, as even the most potent armies can falter without proper guidance. Keep your troops battle-ready and your strategy flexible, and Clash on!

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